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Office Address : Jl. Riung Mulia No. 4 Bandung-40295, Indonesia

Phone +62 22 - 7565306, Fax. + 62 22 7565474

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Type of Registration : Private Limited Enterprise

Date of Establishment : 28-02-2006/Cert. No. 08 Notary Public LILIS ALWIAH SH.

No. NPWP : 02-507-858-5-451-000

No. SIUP : 503.1/0183/30-03/PM/VIII/2006

No. TDP :

Banker Bank MANDIRI, Cabang Padjajaran - Bandung

Atas Nama : PT Corrosion Care Indonesia.

No.Rekening : 118 000 517 2878



•  Ir. Harryawan

Board of Directors

•  Ir. Pengundjungen Tarigan MT, Direktur Utama

•  Ir. Harryawan, Direktur Pengembangan Usaha

•  Ir. Pengundjungen Tarigan MT, Direktur Operasi & Niaga

•  Ny. A. Wijaya, Direktur Keuangan & DRH

Staff Member

•  Samsudin, Training Manager

• Wahyudin, Prof. Riset CP Engineer

•  Bayu Aji, IT and Supports Manager

•  Didid Setiawan, TUK

•  Sahdan, Technical Support

•  Mia Marlina, Administrasi & Keuangan

•  Syifa, Administrasi Sertifikasi


Registered Scope of Businesses:

•  Corrosion

•  Coating

•  Cathodic Protection

•  Inhibitor

•  Preparing Specification

•  Corrosion Prevention Services

• Corrosion Integrated Management System



Three professionals, who united together to integrate their expertise in serving the industries, have founded PT. CORROSION CARE INDONESIA (CCI) . Thus, CCI is uniquely positioned to provide multiple services in the field of corrosion. Our comprehensive services ranging from protective coatings, cathodic protection, material designs, chemical inhibitive, corrosion management, business strategic, human resources up to management system based on ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004, and OHSAS 18001:1999 would certainly give value-added solution to various industries.

Our company structure and experienced team are better qualified to help you managing and improving your businesses as we strongly emphasize on commitment and consistency due to our mission is to provide for quality at consistent reliability and commitment to excellence. We believed that trust and exceed clients' expectation through supplying highest quality of services are the core values that help us shape our vision for progress and allow our clients to achieve their goals.

Therefore, when your company is in need of a solution, whether in the technical expertise or in the field of management, or perhaps you require both of these services, PT. CORROSION CARE INDONESIA is the name you can always trust. We are the leader in the corrosion controls integrated management systems in the country. Wherever your location, whatever your problem, and whenever you need for consulting, training, trading, and constructing, always bear in your minds, PT. Corrosion Care Indonesia. We are ready and committed to serve you in the most efficient and effective manners.




Amplifying Endeavors via Synergism of Intellectuality, Creativity of Innovation, & Integrity of Professionalism.


Providing Quality at Consistent Reliability and Commitment to Excellence.


PT. Corrosion Care Indonesia is fully aware that being in the business, profitability is not barely a success indicator for the company, but what the critical issues are how to win our clients' satisfaction, work professionally to upkeep quality, health & safety practices likewise preserve integrity of our environments. Thus, all top managements and employees of PT. Corrosion Care Indonesia are committed to focus on clients' expectation, comply with all health, safety, environment, national and international regulations, as well as we are strongly committed for continuous improvement .



Served Markets

Private & State-Owned Companies :

Industri Pengguna Coating, Manufacture, Coating Applicator, Blasting Applicator, Kontraktor, Jasa Konsultan Coating, Praktisi Coating, Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas, Energy, Construction, Mining, Transportation, and General Industries.

Present Clients

•  PT. Chubb Indonesia, Cikarang

•  PT.Pertamina Perkapalan

•  PT.Pertamina, Unit Pemasaran (UPMS)

•  PT. Sigma Utama

•  PT. Kereta Api Indonesia

•  PT. Timah Indonesia

•  PT. Newmont Nusa Tenggara

•  PT. Tri Graha S

•  PT. Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC)

•  PT. Libratama

•  PT. Brandon Indonesia

•  PT. PP - Taisei

• PT. Bumi Mas Jaya Perkasa (BMJP)

•  PT. Kansai Paint

• PT. Tunas Tasik

• PT. Elcoblast Indonesia

• PT. Propan Raya

• Saka Energi

• PT. Jotun Indonesia

• PT. Niteksindo Multitech Perkasa

• PT. PLTU Cilacap

• Saka (Indonesia Pangkah) Ltd



Consultancy Services

•  Survey & Assessment on Corrosion, Coating , Cathodic Protection and Inhibitor.

•  Problem Solving in Industries Related in Corrosion, Coating, Cathodic Protection, Material & Design and Corrosion Management & Control.

•  Preparing Specification, System & Procedure for Coating Projects.

Training Services

•  Provide Training & Certification on Blasting – Coating Operators, Coating Inspectors, Coating Supervisor, Galvanis Inspector, Rubber Lining Inspector, Cathodic Protection Tester, Cathodic Protection Installer.

•  Provide Training Non Certification, e.g : Corrosion for Manager, Coating for Manager, Corrosion & Corrosion Protection, etc.

•  Provide Special Training Based on Industrial Needed. .


Core Competencies

•  Qualified Training Inspector and/or Assessment on Corrosion

•  Qualified Training Inspector and/or Assessment on Coating

•  Qualified Training Inspector and/or Assessment on Cathodic Protection

•  Qualified Training Inspector and/or Assessment Inhibitor

•  Qualified Training Inspector and/or Assessment on Material & Process

•  Related Equipment, eg : Application & Inspection

•  Realted System & Procedure and Standard

•  Standard Kompetensi Acuan : SKKNI Protection Coating (Kepmen 102/MEN/II/2007/tgl. 12 Februari 2007




•  Indonesian Coating Association, ASCOATINDO

•  Lembaga Sertifikasi Profesi Coating Indonesia (LSPCI)

•  Wijaya Harryawan Wibowo Consulting Services, Jakarta - Indonesia

•  Corrosion Care Thailand Co., Ltd, Bangkok – Thailand

•  Balaiyasa PT.KAI

•  PT. LEN Industri (Persero)

•  Asosiasi Galvanis Indonesia (AGI)

•  PT. Elcoblast Indonesia

•  PT. Niteksindo Multitech Perkasa

•  Asosiasi Pabrik Cat Indonesia

•  Coating Manufactures

•  Coating Applicators & Cathodic Protection Installer

•  Supplier for Coating Application, Material & Equipments Suppliers for Coating Application


Professional Membership

•  Indonesian Coating Association (ASCOATINDO)

•  Lembaga Sertifikasi Profesi Coating Indonesia (LSPCI)

•  NACE, International Society of Corrosion, USA

•  SSPC, Steel Structure Protective Council , USA


Thus, all top managements and employees of PT. Corrosion Care Indonesia are committed to focus on client's expectation, comply with all health, safety, environment, national and international regulations, as well as we are strongly committed for continuous improvement.